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UTBox offers the enterprise a number of reliable solutions built on our core fax and messaging service.

Legacy fax replacement

Replacing legacy fax machine hardware with a managed internet fax service for your enterprise team

We can’t haul away recycle your legacy fax machines yet..  but we can do everything else.  Provision an internet fax services to replace or streamline your existing fax machines eliminating the need for expensive analog lines or pain in trying to get fax working reliably on your VOIP system.

We also provide a Windows printer driver that enables users to fax from any application that can print.

Back-end solutions

Enable your applications to send faxes and SMS via email over our infrastructure

UTBox was developed initially for a large insurance enterprise. Always-on and always-available service has been the focus from the beginning. Contact our dedicated team with your custom requirement.

Individual team fax

Dedicate a unique fax number to each team member

Faxes not getting where they need to go? Assign each team member their own fax number so they receive inbound faxes to their own email account. Provision this in minutes.

OCR Smart Route

Streamlining fax related document management by receiving documents to any part of the organisation based on a printed stationary code

We have OCR Document Routing – ODR. A service whereby specific tracking codes can be included on letterhead or forms. Codes are recognised by our system and used to custom route. The customer can generate and assign codes specific email addresses and email subject lines as required.

This service is often implemented in document management systems.

Reducing carbon

Helping you achieve leadership in sustainability

Switch to UTBox internet fax and show leadership to your customers and joining enterprise and government organisations headed towards a paperless office.