How Does it Work?

  • Compose

    Compose UTBox

    Simply compose and address an email to ''

  • Attach

    Attach UTBox

    Attach any documents you wish to send as a fax

  • Send

    Send UTBox

    Click send It's that easy!

  • Relax

    Relax UTBox

    Just wait for email to come

  • Receive

    Receive UTBox

    Receive faxes as new emails

  • Open PDF

    Open PDF UTBox

    Open and read PDF file

  • Benefits of email to fax

    Never busy. Your fax line will never be busy preventing you from missing faxes.

    Zero downtime. Our advanced network and infrastructure has no downtime making it more convenient than a standard fax machine.

  • Cost
    • Ink/Toner
    • Paper
    • Electricity
    • Machine/Hardware Maintenance Costs
    • Administration costs
    • No contracts
  • Convenience
    • Faxes straight to your email
    • Receive/send faxes from wherever you are
    • No need to replace paper or ink
    • No paper jams
    • No Software/Hardware to install

"We relied on our own internal system for years. Turned out, it was a waste of money. UTBox is simply the best alternative,"

- Managing Director, Florist network
  • Access your faxes anywhere

    Since received faxes are emailed to you instantly they will be available in your email inbox being synced to your phone.

  • Fast Porting Process

    You don't need to do anything for the porting process other than apply and sign the Porting Authority Form. Once done we'll notify you via email and send you a test fax which you will receive in your inbox.