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Great value fax marketing

UTBox owns and operates it’s own infrastructure here in Australia. This means we’re able to offer the best value on traffic terminated with the service we provide and all our prices include GST and have no hidden costs. We only charge for successful deliveries (subject to Fair Use).

Reliable delivery

We strive to have the best fax connectivity for our marketing customers. Our faxing connectivity is provided by Verizon Business, one of the largest telecommunications companies on the planet and a number of local Australian and New Zealand based tier 1 carriers. For SMS connectivity we maintain multiple delivery routes so we’re able to maintain high target delivery rates. If we commit to a job we ensure we have allocated that time for your job.


With our faxing products you’re able to receive broadcast priority based on schedule control. All broadcasts are self serve using the our web interface the UTBox Member Centre. If you’re starting a broadcast right away you’re able to see an estimate of when your broadcast will complete in prior to committing as well as a preview.

Fast throughput

We actively manage and design our systems to send messages and to scale. We monitor broadcasting schedules and work through providing you information prior to setting up any jobs and we also design our system with the ability to see how long your current broadcast will take to complete – all before you commit to it.

The partner

We do not provide list data or work as a marketing company. We have always focused on telecommunications and messaging and our first aim is to act as a telecommunications provider. If you are looking for list data we are able to refer you to companies that use our services.