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UTBox is focused on engaging developers and integration parties which require reliable and supported fax and SMS services. We currently have all of our application integrated traffic operating through our email gateway which is capable of handling high volumes with fast throughput.

In recognition of the needs of a more suitable interface we have opened an API BETA program which allows developers the chance to provide early feedback and input into the design of this interface method. This will allow for finer grained controls and higher suitability to application requirements while still providing the same solid core infrastructure.

If you’re interested in becoming an API BETA participant please contact us.


UTBox is based in Australia so we know the market and the importance of working with a good support team. To this end we provide support mechanisms that are responsive and appropriate for the technical level of our customer.


We consider all communications privileged. To this end we guarantee everything is considered in terms of high availability and redundancy. We maintain high standards for service redundancy, hardware fail-over and fault tolerant/high availability connectivity. Services are triple redundant spread over multiple physical servers in a high availability cluster.


UTBox cluster was designed by melding technology that was hand-picked to deliver messages and be the best at it. We actively develop our product and listen to our users by constantly analysing user feedback. We also maintain our own infrastructure to provide core services so we can make sure we have total control.

Go Green

We extend an invitation to you and your customers to offset their usage with us. For now this is available as an option on fax specific messaging and can be structured in increments. This provides both environmental and brand benefits and increasing your own offerings as well as benefiting the earth by raising awareness.