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Top Uses of Fax API

Fax APIs can be used in a variety of methods where an easy to setup, reliable fax delivery capability is required. Use cases from our existing customers include:

  • integration-logo software integration to purchase ordering systems
  • cmsiconcontent management systems sending receipts
  • medicaliconmedical, financial or other private fax sending
  • clockiconinternational (oversea to the destination) real time fax

We make it easy for you to integrate in your favoured programming language.

Choose from our available libraries in:

  • fax api php
  • fax api java
  • fax api ruby
  • fax api c#
  • fax api perl

UTBox have a specially designed and built fax network dedicated to fax services. We have deployed multiple locations and work tirelessly to ensure continued quality of service specifically required for analog fax transmissions.

Using a Fax API to deliver faxes programmatically offers you many advantages over administering your own equipment. This approach offers to you:

  • Fantastic scalability without equipment
  • Excellent rates better than connecting on-site
  • Our expertise and exclusively ISDN connectivity (e.g. no voip)
  • Better international delivery due to our own network

The UTBox Fax API supports:

  • multiple document formats
  • setting of resolution
  • broadcast loading of jobs via dedicated Fax API
  • scalability without the equipment
  • and moreā€¦

Our Fax API speeds up your ability to to allow you to deploy working and reliable solution, however as telecommunications providers are used to providing custom solutions to specific requirements we also do the same. Contact us if you have specific concerns or would like to engage a solutions specialist.