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How it works

  • whitelabelicon1

    UTBox deploys a Whitelabel account with a specified number of dedicated fax numbers

  • whitelabelicon2

    DNS MX records of your chosen hostname (e.g. are forwarded to the UTBox mail servers

  • whitelabelicon3

    Templates for success and error conditions are set up to your specification on the UTBox system

  • whitelabelicon4

    Documents are converted using the same enterprise grade services UTBox uses for its wholesale and retail customers.

  • whitelabelicon5

    Any received faxes are sent to the user from your domain name using your email templates

  • whitelabelicon6

    End users simply send to the faxnumber@your_chosen_hostname (e.g.

  • whitelabelicon7

    An admin portal allows changes to be made to each number (e.g. modifying email addresses of end users etc)


  • skinfeaturesAbility to skin each email template including the From and Subject fields
  • settingfeaturesAbility to edit TSID, re-try settings, and send and receive email addresses separately for each fax number
  • mapfeaturesAbility to port numbers in, provision sequential ranges and provide number ranges in Australia
  • Benefits

    • Absolutely nothing to host, deploy or manage
    • Ability to keep your own branding as all emails appear to come from your chosen hostname
    • Increase your business capability and provide synergy to increase overall revenue per customer
    • Ability to scale with your requirements
  • Applications

    • VoiP or other telecommunications providers wanting to add value added services to their portfolio
    • IT related integration and support service providers wanting to add internet fax to their portfolio
    • Telecommunications providers without specific competency in fax wanting to provide a total solution for enterprise/government bids
    • Internal/shared service IT providing branded internal capability to their business customer base
    • Resellers with their own brands