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Fax Broadcasting and Fax Marketing with UTBox Online Bulk Fax Service

Fax broadcasting is a highly effective means of marketing and communicating to a specific target market. The marketing process is generally automated using a 1 to many online fax broadcast service, while reliability, support, ease of use, pricing and reporting are essential elements of a good fax broadcast provider.

UTBox provides a proven, easy-to-use fax broadcast service and process that successfully delivers millions of marketing campaigns every year at competitive prices for organisations and individuals around Australia. graphiccopier
faxbroadcastincludesCompetitive pricing (wholesale pricing available), quick and easy sign up process, free trial with no obligation, start-up credit, easy to use web interface and scalable industry leading technology to support all your broadcast needs. Sign up and follow our simple registration process.


Fax broadcasts facilitate the communication of information or marketing messages to numerous individuals or companies from a single source. The advantages of this kind of marketing or communication includes; cost, productivity and improved business processes.

Effective fax marketing, advertising and communication can be done easily, reliably and cost effectively with the UTBox online bulk fax service. There is no need to invest in expensive cards, phone lines, servers or software. Fax marketing ensures you reach the right people with a tailored message in hard copy. No lost or deleted emails, spam filters or changed addresses to stop your marketing message from getting through.

Companies and individuals use broadcasting for a number of business processes, not just marketing. These typically include:

  • Sending remittances
  • Sending instructions or reports to franchises or branch offices
  • Sending out newsletters to customers or potential customers
  • Marketing and advertising of new products and special offers
  • Price lists
  • Sending and receiving applications
  • Reminders
  • Personal announcements

Faxing the same document to numerous recipients Suits newsletters, announcements, price lists and basic marketing, etc.

Merging a standard document with a database of contact details to send personalized or customised faxes Most flexibility, suits invoices, statements, reports, notifications and more sophisticated marketing campaigns

What our clients have said:

UTBox clients have reported great results and reactions to fax marketing versus receiving standard marketing emails and mail, and that these results had exceeded their expectations.

Easy Signup : If you want to enhance your communication or increase your revenues, using fax broadcasts and marketing is an option. You can sign-up and get marketing immediately at no cost. When you sign-up with UTBox there are no credit card or payment details required. UTBox offers a free trial to get you started immediately. Go to our sign-up page and register. Need more information on pricing? Please check out our pricing page or contact us to discuss your needs with one of our qualified consultants.