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We provide fax numbers, internet fax and SMS services for small, home and medium businesses from $59.95/year.

Great Value

We provide services for many small businesses wishing to utilise fax and SMS capabilities but keep their costs under control. Low volume users can enjoy having a normal fax service from $59.95 a year with UTBox, including usage and the ability to SMS.


We’re based in Australia so we know the local market and you can get in touch with us when you need to. Any changes you make to your existing account through our web interface, the UTBox Member Centre are updated in real time. You’re also able to add new email addresses which are allowed to send on your account which means no fuss.

Enterprise Quality

We maintain all of our customers on the same infrastructure so the innovations our retail customers give us insight to make it into our enterprise offerings. We are also able to offer the same enterprise quality supported and always-on enterprise level services to our low volume customers.


You only need to be able to send an email and format a document to send a fax or SMS using the UTBox Email to Fax or Email to SMS service. Many of our services are designed to be on in the background out of sight and working for you, whereas our website, the UTBox Member Centre is designed to be easy and comfortable for non-technical users.

Go Green

Using our faxing service you’re able to save paper, energy and consumables and let your customers know you care.

Start using SMS and Internet Fax for Small Businesses

To start using UTBox or find out more information check out our pricing & free trial page. You can also read our news and case studies or contact us.