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Email to Web SMS or Send Online SMS from PC

Send web SMS messages from your PC email account and receive responses back direct to your email inbox with the UTBox online SMS or send web SMS from PC email service.

Quick, easy and inexpensive, in fact our service is cheaper than a standard mobile phone plan and you can type messages using your computer keyboard. Keep track of your SMS messages, file them as you would your emails. It is really that easy. utboxpcsms

With UTBox you can send text messages to any mobile phone in Australia or overseas from your PC. Standard text messages are 160 characters but if your message is longer, we can accommodate 1,440 characters broken into 9 messages. You can also receive responses to your messages straight back to the email address from which you sent the original. Simply sign up and email the messages to “mobile number” It’s that easy.

When you send a message, UTBox converts your email message to web sms and sends it to the mobile phone number you have specified. A delivery report is then emailed to you on successful delivery of the message. See more information on how to use the sms service.

Responses to your sms messages are received directly into your inbox and can be filed, printed or deleted. You can now keep proper records of the messages you send and receive. In addition, if the person you are sending the sms to is in your contact list, his name will appear in the received column.

From a business perspective and personal perspective, this means extending your communication capability and also managing these communications properly. Whether you are keeping tabs on the kids, keeping in touch with friends or trying to manage contractors and staff in a business, SMS is a cheap and effective way of messaging and UTBox makes it is easy and manageable.

No need to use your thumbs to try and type on a small mobile phone keypad. Use your computer keyboard and type the same as you would type an email.

Our solution will integrate with the desktop, laptop or browser based email software you are using and allow you to use the information stored in your contacts database. No downloads required.

Call us to discuss your business sms needs. UTBox owns and manages all the related software and understands business processes and how improved and centralised messaging can enhance business processes. Talk to us about how we can integrate our email and sms needs into your business processes.

On Sign-up, we offer a free trial and start up credits, so you can appreciate just how simple it is to use UTBox. Our quick, no obligation sign-up means you can get started immediately. Read more on the advantages of using UTBox.

Sign-up with UTBox today!

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