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New broadcast features available

Fax broadcasting can be a time consuming task with many different things to administer; lists, destinations, reports, schedules and platforms together can make it confusing and take longer than it should.

UTBox tried to make this simpler with a round of changes introduced into our fax broadcasting section. You should notice marked speed improvement in the processing times, as well as interface changes designed at allowing you to complete your task quicker and easier than before. These feature are available now and the main changes are:

  • Super fast fax broadcast list importing, exporting and processing

    We’ve benchmarked the processing and totally re-designed the method of storage, access and processing of these. Broadcast list tasks are now so fast we may look at removing the email notification as they occur so quickly they may not be required.

  • Simplified list management

    Simply put, our customers use a spreadsheet program with full number manipulation features and the Manage Lists section of our fax broadcasting platform was not fully featured enough to compete with this. We are happy to support the fastest work process so we have removed Manage Lists which will remove any ambiguity as to what the fastest process for fax broadcast is.

  • Faster fax broadcast report downloads

    Users with small lists won’t necesarily see a difference however many customers downloading many fax broadcasting reports and/or having large report lists will see a great improvement in bandwidth use and the length of download as we’ve changed all report downloads to compressed zip files.

  • Improved fax list user interface

    We saw customers struggling with a list box when they reached a certain number of lists. In response we changed the sorting method to show the latest uploaded fax list at the top of the list pile. This means you only need to remember the files you’re working with. We also added new information to the list such as the time and date it was uploaded to make comparing the latest version easier and faster.

  • New locale based date formatting

    There is a new locale setting for those who prefer the date formatting to be in a format they’re used to. After all it’s easy to be confused in the first 12 days of each month if you’re expecting the month and date setting to be flipped – now you can choose.

  • Administrator lock for account settings

    If you share your login you can ask us to set a password and lock your account information so only those with the administrator password can access this section of the UTBox Member Centre. This will mean those with the extra administrator password can make payments, see invoices, and administer the actual accounts while those without it can continue to perform broadcast or messaging functions.

  • UK FPS full reports

    Customers with access to the UK Fax Preference Service blocking service will now see full reporting for blocked numbers in the fax broadcasting reports to be able to determine which were specifically blocked by FPS

We hope you enjoy them and they help make fax broadcasting easier and faster. Please contact us with any feedback, questions or issues.

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