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Fax Servers vs Cloud Servers. What’s the Difference?

Because of modernization, fax machines are becoming a thing of the past. They have been replaced with online faxing, where faxes are sent and received over the internet. With the huge amount of fax traffic daily, using a fax machine would seem to be a waste – printing  tons of paper and using large amounts of ink or worse, having paper jams.

Online faxing uses traditional fax servers in order to accumulate huge amounts of fax traffic. These days, however, many are opting to modernize their applications but at the same time do it at a lesser cost and with that comes cloud-based servers, where every information is sent “over the cloud”.

What is the difference between traditional fax servers and cloud-based servers?

Traditional fax servers need to be set-up and maintained physically. Most traditional fax servers occupy large spaces since they are attached to a fax modem and telephone line. Compared to having bulky fax machines, fax servers handle fax traffic by storing up incoming and outgoing documents and queuing them. Deployment of traditional fax servers, however, takes time and needs substantial amount of work. The process of installing the hardware, software and applications takes days, even weeks which is costly.

Cloud servers, on the other hand, can be deployed in minutes. There is no hardware installation needed. Cloud servers have unlimited resources, which means other applications or upgrades can be added instantly and without restrictions without additional costs. Cloud servers do not need much maintenance compared to traditional fax servers especially when these traditional fax servers get old. Cloud servers are also more stable and secure as they don’t suffer from any hardware problems.

Internet fax eliminates the need for paying dedicated fax lines, buying consumables such as toner and paper and wasting paper by providing you the control as to what you do and don’t print. With internet fax services like UTBox, faxing becomes easier, faster and more convenient.

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