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Merged fax broadcast moves to doc and docx

UTBox has recently changed file formats from .rtf to .doc and .docx for our mail merge fax broadcast system. Henceforth, standard .doc and .docx files created in Microsoft Word or…read more

Windows 7 Fax Printer Driver

UTBox is excited to announce that we have upgraded our Windows Fax Printer Driver to coincide with the release of Windows 7. Our printer driver works in conjunction with Windows…read more

Support related notices

UTBox has been growing, and so has our need to quickly and effectively communicate with clients interested in specific aspects of our operational status. In response, we’ve set up a…read more

Fax broadcasting estimation for each job

Our fax broadcasting system is easy to use and no fuss; it allows businesses to place information in front of another business very easily. We are continuing to actively develop…read more

No more disclaimers and re-try control

Often the best and brightest innovative ideas come from looking for a better and faster way to do things. Whilst putting these ideas into place isn’t easy, as it takes…read more