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Data centre temperature tools powered by UTBox

Temperature monitoring tool vendor Equals Greater Than is an Australian company distributing server environment temperature products designed to assist the monitoring of sensitive installations and assets, most commonly monitoring server…read more

New Australian SMS route for UTBox SMS

UTBox has signed an agreement with an Australian based SMS services provider which will provide UTBox customers with virtual mobile phone reply numbers and SMS delivery routes. This will allow…read more

SMS pricing and feature changes

Did you know that you can send and receive SMS messages with your UTBox account? We have just improved our email to SMS product based on customer feedback. Key changes…read more

Adding new SMS route for high availability

UTBox has signed an agreement with one of the world’s largest SMS routing carriers to use their network for the delivery of SMS messages sent through the UTBox SMS gateway….read more

Email to SMS and SMS Marketing Event Promotions

A growing market for SMS is the nightclub and nightlife scene as UTBox sees increased utilisation by promotions companies wishing to remind their patrons of upcoming events. Integrated Typically for…read more