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Fax Broadcast Marketing Technologies

UTBox fax broadcasting and marketing technology incorporates the latest equipment, a leading hosting services provider with a global reputation, powerful and constantly monitored and upgraded hardware and software using industry standard server operating systems and databases.

Our systems are upgraded regularly and maintained with full back-up and redundancy to bring you, the customer the highest levels of assurance and reliability for your fax broadcasting needs. Fax technology is a key part of the business and UTBox prides itself on the state of its IT systems.

Ongoing Technology Investment

The UTBox fax software and hardware has had significant investment over the last four years and this investment is continuing. Staying at the forefront of fax technology and investing continuously in research and development ensures we bring our customers cost effective, easy-to-use and reliable services as well as enhanced productivity for users.

Technology Ownership

UTBox owns all the fax equipment, hardware and software used when you send a fax or a fax broadcast. There is no outsourcing of part of the process to third parties which could affect the service. We are responsible, We control the entire process, from start to finish, ensuring we control your experience and the related performance of UTBox fax services.

Our Technical People and process

UTBox support staff are highly trained and knowledgeable on all aspects of the software and hardware. UTBox also employs rigorous development and testing processes to ensure the quality of UTBox systems is maintained both now and into the future.

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