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There are numerous advantages and benefits of using UTBox as your online fax broadcast partner. The top 10 advantages of using UTBox for your marketing, advertising and communication needs include:

  1. The highly competitive cost per fax, it’s cheaper than a local call.
  2. The fact that fax numbers are called up to three times before being reported as a failure, you only pay on successful fax delivery when sending with UTBox.
  3. Its easy-to-use, intuitive user interface, requiring no training.
  4. The valid return path for broadcast faxes sent, so people can fax information back to you once they have received the broadcast.
  5. The quick and efficient process when compared to building an internal capability or using some of UTBox competitor offerings.
  6. UTBox owns all the hardware and software involved, and thus controls the entire fax process, there is no relying on third parties who may not perform or deliver.
  7. The ability to customise faxes to individuals through the fax merge or fax coversheet process.
  8. No additional hardware or software required, no downloads, just your email and a browser, that is all. You will always have the latest in fax software and hardware at your disposal.
  9. With the UTBox fax broadcasting free trial there is no risk – you are able to try before you buy, and no credit card is required to start the free trial.
  10. Great customer support in Australia, by Australians.

From individuals through to small or medium business (SME’s) and large corporates, UTBox fax broadcast services are scalable, cost effective, reliable, rich in functionality and offer a number of benefits and advantages to our customers.

You can find additional information about client successes in our fax broadcast case studies section, about how customers both large and small have enjoyed the UTBox advantage and benefits and achieved outstanding results.

If you are selecting, or need to try an alternate fax broadcast provider, need to be sure that your faxes remain private and will reach their intended recipients, need great customer service, and only want to pay on fax delivery: then click on the button below for a 30-day free trial and start using UTBox for all your faxing and fax marketing needs.

Your first benefit will be that no obligation and no payment details are required for sign up. Simply follow the simple and quick registration process and get started with your free trial. We are so confident in the UTBox fax products and services and the competitive advantage that we offer, we know you will stay with us.