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Fax Broadcasting and Marketing Tips and Techniques

Using the humble fax as a marketing tool is extremely powerful and ensures your message reaches your target market simply, instantly and cost effectively and is not subject to the “delete button”. Getting your fax broadcasting campaigns right can enhance your offering, increase conversion and ultimately revenues.

Tips for your Next Campaign:

  • Consider your headline. Getting the attention of the reader or receiver upfront will enhance your message and ultimately conversion. Research headlines which work for your industry or target market. Make sure they are short, to the point and invoke interest immediately
  • Consider the message or offer you want to deliver and ensure that it is clear and easy to read, use headings and paragraphs. Readers will generally scan the page. Key messages that are easy to read will help the recipient understand if your offer is applicable to them or not and to decide whether to pass it on to others. People are on average time poor, don’t waste their time.
  • Have a simple call to action. Why: Once the reader has gained an understanding of what your product or offer is about, there should be a clear and obvious means for the reader to take the required action such as a phone line to call, number to fax back on or website address to visit.
  • Do not use colours on your fax. The fax will be sent as black and white and generally a fax machine will do a poor job of trying to emulate the colour using interspersed black and white dots that consume ink and look bad. Even shades of grey should be avoided. Stick to pure black and white for the best results.
  • Avoid complex images. Images take longer to transmit and print, and use more ink on the receivers machine. Complex images will generally not look good; Remember a fax is a low quality document so a photo or high quality image will loose a lot of the detail when sent as a fax.
  • Keep fonts to a reasonable size. 10 Points or higher. Arial and Verdana generally produce the best result. Ensures the page is easy to read, looks neat and of a high quality. Less information is better; If the receiver can understand your message quickly and easily then give them more information through the call to action. Get enough interest so the receiver will follow the call to action. Invoke their curiosity, need or emotion.
  • Check the quality of your fax, it will ultimately reflect on you, your brand and image. Make sure there are no spelling errors, difficult to understand acronyms or grammatical errors. Write for your target market. The fax is ultimately an extension of your brand, how do you want your brand to come across?
  • Avoid sending white writing on a black background. It uses an excessive amount of ink on the receiving fax machine and you will probably lose what you gain in text clarity by annoying the receiver with excess ink usage. Don’t waste other peoples money on fax consumables. You are more likely to get a negative reaction to your fax.

By following these UTBox fax broadcasting and marketing tips, you can increase the effectiveness of your broadcasting and marketing campaigns.

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