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5 Key considerations

Fax broadcasting requires a quality, reliable and capable service provider. Marketing efforts are a reflection of your brand and their effectiveness impacts on revenues and the return on investment of the particular marketing campaign. Faxes not sent, sent but timed out or sent to the incorrect number can result in lost opportunities, complaints and lost revenues. Consider the following key criteria when selecting a vendor and also why UTBox excels in each of these areas:

  • Simple and easy to use

    Productivity is important, you cannot afford long learning curves or errors due to not knowing how to use the service and software properly. Using the UTBox fax broadcast service requires no training and is easy-to-use. If you have access to the Internet, an Internet Browser and know how to browse the Internet, you can use the UTBox fax broadcast solution.

    Reporting is just as important and can be viewed either online and/ or received by email. UTBox offers live online reporting as the fax delivery process occurs. You can monitor the fax send as it happens.

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  • Cost effective pricing

    Finding a cost effective solution is important to ensures you achieve the right return on your marketing investment. UTBox has highly competitive pricing, making your fax broadcasts even more cost effective, which will ultimately improve your return on investment. Cost per fax is cheaper than the call cost. Contact us for more information on wholesale pricing. Where there are high volumes required, we are happy to discuss how these are priced

  • Fax failures are not recharged

    If your fax fails to be delivered, you should not be charged for the failure and then again for the resend. UTBox attempts to send your faxes up to three times before reporting a failure. Clients are charged for successful sends only, not send failures. Make sure when comparing online fax broadcast providers or even that your current fax provider does not charge for failed sends.

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  • Reliable Fax Technology

    You need reliable and robust technology to support your marketing and communication efforts. UTBox has invested significantly in the research and development of its leading fax broadcasting software. UTBox continues its investment in research and development to provide only the best and most cost effective and automated fax broadcast solutions available. By owning the software and hardware, UTBox is able to remain flexible and at the forefront of Internet fax technology. UTBox servers are based in Australia for Australia.

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  • Great Customer Support

    Customer support is important from any service provider. Without good support you can be left high and dry, with no one to call, which can negatively affect your productivity and marketing or communication efforts. UTBox solutions are developed with the user in mind and are thus exceptionally easy-to-use and reliable, but should you require it, UTBox offers great customer support in Australia, by Australians. All support staff are well trained and have access to the proper consoles to deal with any support request, from a misplaced password through to more complex technical questions.

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