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Fax Local Number Porting

Local Number Portability (LNP) now available

Local number portability for fax numbers is now available through UTBox. Local number portability allows you to port over your existing fax line service to UTBox and receive faxes directly to your email as an attached PDF.

This means you keep your number but can stop paying the line rental fee and enjoy the benefit of our internet fax service.

If you’re interested please apply now and we’ll get directly back to you.

How does fax number porting work?

Local number porting works with dedicated fax numbers as it is the process of moving a specific number service over to another carrier.

In this case the carrier would be UTBox and the number would be moved over from your existing carrier such as Telstra or Optus. This would mean the number would no longer be “terminated” on the lineĀ at your home or office and with the line not required you can get rid of that cost!

Once the line was ported, all calls received on that number would be picked up by our dedicated internet fax equipment. All received faxes are automatically transformed into a PDF file and emailed to any email addresses you would like, so not only do you rid yourself of the need of a dedicated fax line but you can easily choose which faxes you print and which ones you don’t.

What’s involved with fax number porting?

A successful porting application can typically take around 15 working days and is recommended only for those with no other services on their line such as DSL services or EFTPOS machines

Any extra services like that would need to be moved to another line as they can cause the application to be rejected, or if successful, result in these services being terminated.

There is no physical work to be done for a port to occur and in most cases there is little to no down time of the number. We manage the entire process and this means you should not miss any faxes because our system will email them to you as soon as the port does become active.

What are the costs?

We offer packages for those with multiple numbers but a single number service starts at $12 per month for a ported number with no contracts and an industry leading simple “30 in, 30 out” porting policy where each porting application is charged at a $30 fee and has a $30 porting out fee. This does include usage and all costs are already inclusive of GST.

We don’t charge to set up an account and there are no other hidden charges, making this one of the easiest and best value options for those with existing fax numbers.

Why delay? Go to our local number porting application page to apply instantly.

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