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Business Fax and the Green Office

Business faxing via the Internet using an email has become a reality using UTBox internet fax. It is a reliable, professional, easy alternative to physical faxing. Advances in technology have allowed faxing to integrate directly with business processes, reducing cost, improving productivity and reducing carbon emissions when compared to a traditional fax machine.

Even just allowing individuals access to inbound and outbound faxes via their email accounts and routing these in a way that best suits the business is easy to achieve and cost effective. Business fax numbers no longer need additional telephone lines and fax machines, and definitely don’t need paper.

In fact there is no longer a real need to have a traditional fax machine.

If your business processes exhibit any, or all of the following characteristics, you could benefit from an online fax service:

  • Proof of delivery requirements
  • Low technology environment
  • Existing traditional fax machine usage, regardless of volume
  • High cost of consumables
  • Numerous in-trays and lost pages

Contact UTBox if you are considering online faxing for your business or have an existing requirement and want to understand our available solutions and how they might fit your business. We look after many small as well as large “blue chip” customers and would be happy to discuss your needs.

Business Process Improvement

Organisations are constantly required to improve and upgrade their existing processes to be more cost effective and efficient. New technologies usually play a part in this improvement but can require significant investment and time frames to implement.

Online fax and broadcast solutions provided by UTBox provide enhanced technology with low investment, minimal training and most importantly a low impact to the IT environment. Users can use existing email systems or their web browsers to access and use the UTBox services and only pay for usage. No more fixed costs.

In addition, communications can be centralised and where in the past, paper fax and sms phone records were difficult to control, maintain and manage, this is now possible. Messages can be filed, backed up and even printed if required when using UTBox fax and sms solutions.

Green Office

Relentless pressure on business to reduce carbon emissions and act in an environmentally responsible manner will only increase over time. Commentators believe Australia should lead the way in this regard, setting an example to other countries in the region. Emission targets will become part of business in the future. Using an online fax service in a good start to a green office. In addition to the environmental benefits, you will have the opportunity to deliver more efficient processes to your business.

Business fax integration

Contact us to speak to one of our consultants as to how best to integrate our flexible and robust fax and sms solutions to your business requirements. We have numerous clients in various industries including mining, government, insurance, banking and media using our services and integrating them into their business processes.

Business focused technology

UTBox owns, operates and manages all service related hardware and software. In addition, UTBox understands business processes and how UTBox services can integrate and enhance these. From electronic tagging and tracking of inbound faxes  to bulk faxing, we have helped clients meet their business process goals and objectives.

Test our Solution First?

Should you decide to sign up on our website, we offer a standard free 30 day trial and free start up credits. Should your business needs be more complex, we would be happy to discuss with you how we can integrate our solutions and extend the standard trial process to meet your business requirements. Our quick, no obligation sign-up means you can get started immediately.

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