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Fax SMTP Email API

The UTBox dedicated enterprise grade fax platform has the ability to be used as a Fax SMTP Email API for applications requiring the delivery of faxes.

The Fax SMTP Email API specifically allows for applications with email capability to be used or modified to be able to send faxes. Reducing the lead time of deployment and making it easier for developers to leverage existing functionality.

How it works


  1. A user or condition triggers a request to send a fax on your application.
  2. Your application sends an email with the fax contents through your outbound SMTP server
  3. UTBox mail services receive the email with the fax contents and convert it to a fax image
  4. The fax is transmitted as fax over the PSTN to the destination number(s)
  5. The successful or failed transmission is reported by the fax server(s) and UTBox emails the originating email address to notify it of success or failure
  6. Your application handles the returned email and applies business rules based on the success or failure.


  • Send faxes from your email enabled application.
  • Compatible with a broad list of file formats including PDF, JPG, TIFF, DOC, TXT and more.
  • Scalable.


  • No additional software required.
  • Simple to integrate.
  • Lower infrastructure costs and increase process efficiency.
  • Technically supported.
  • Priority support.


  • Add faxing capability to any of your existing applications and web sites.
  • Payroll, purchasing, ordering and management systems requiring to send faxes
  • Add the ability for faxes to be generated in your website/software
  • Any system where documents are currently printed in order to send as fax.
  • White-label” our Fax API to expand your own service offerings.

Next Steps

If you’d like to see specific information on setting this up please contact us.