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OCR Document Routing

Receive high volumes of incoming faxes and route them to email addresses based on a code printed on the document itself.


  • route received faxes to email addresses based on a printed code
  • automatically register and generate codes
  • deliver faxes as PDF or TIFF files with an ID code specific subject line
  • receives simultaneous faxes on 1300/1800/local numbers


  • allow locally received faxes to be routed over the Internet
  • deliver excellent value
  • increase process efficiency
  • reduce errors and eliminate lost customer faxes


  • faxed form routing
  • insurance/banking faxed form routing
  • call centre faxed form routing
  • identify specific incoming faxed documents based on a document code
  • integrate with a document management system

Next Steps

If you’d like to enquire about this further, or would like a consultation to see how this can benefit your organisation please contact us.