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UTBox has the following flexible pre-paid user plan options to meet every business or individual communication requirements.

Cost Credit lifetime Send and Receive Faxes Send and Receive SMS Broadcast faxes
$19.95 3 Months Yes Yes Yes
$34.95 6 Months Yes Yes Yes
$59.95 12 Months Yes Yes Yes

All amounts are in Australian dollars and include GST.

There is no cost for subscription. All the credit you buy is added to your account as credit for you to use for sending and receiving fax and sms communication, similar to a prepaid mobile phone. Based on the amount of pre-paid credit you purchase, it is given a lifetime based on that amount, if you make more than one payment credit lifetimes always begin from the end of your current credit lifetime.

In addition, just like a prepaid mobile phone, you can top up your account at any time and extend the duration of your number (up to a maximum of 2 years in advance). It is that easy.

Business User Options

If you are a business user with reasonable message volumes, you may prefer a post paid account based solution. Our payment terms are 30 days and all such plans are billed on a monthly basis with invoices delivered electronically to the account contact person.

There is a charge of $7.50 per month per number (includes 100 pages received) and any additional usage is charged for at the standard rates

If you would like to apply for a postpaid account please sign up for a regular trial account and then contact UTBox support.

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