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Internet Fax and other Services

Fax is transitioning to the cloud. Send and receive faxes within minutes, online faxing is fast becoming standard business practice. As compared to traditional bulky fax hardware, save money and time with online fax.

In addition to internet fax, several other features useful features are available:

Fax broadcasting.  Sending a single fax to multiple recipients was not easy using a fax machine. With email to fax technology, just add multiple recipients numbers on the Cc field of your “compose” window and, on completion you will receive a delivery report.

Fax scheduling.  Remember those days when you HAD to be on the office at a specific time just to send a fax? With fax scheduling you can just simply set the send time and date and forget; on completion you will receive a detailed delivery report.

Mobile integration.  Thanks to smartphone technology and the development of mobile apps, use your iPhone or Android phone and receive instant notifications of incoming faxes.

Virtual fax numbers. Without this feature, online faxing would be incomplete.  These virtual fax numbers are dedicated fax lines that receive and convert incoming faxes into digital files.

Some internet fax service providers offer additional features for a fee. Be sure to check on your provider and register only for the services you need.

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