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Merged fax broadcast moves to doc and docx

UTBox has recently changed file formats from .rtf to .doc and .docx for our mail merge fax broadcast system. Henceforth, standard .doc and .docx files created in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice allows content, based on the recipient, to be placed within the merge tags of each fax.

This will ensure whoever receives your broadcast fax can have personalised content! To better understand the move to the .doc and .docx files, it’s important to understand the limitations of .rtf and see how the new file formats address these shortcomings.

  • .rtf files are larger in size to comparable .doc or .docx files. They aren’t compressed in their normal state and can take longer to upload or process simply because of their size.
  • .rtf files lack precise layout capability and the basic image compressing and handling that are available in the .doc and .docx files.

In the past, a large .rtf file needed compression or images to be removed when uploading. The .doc and .docx files address this problem and can be uploaded directly without any compressing or removing of content.

The new formats provide much easier administration and development of content. This allows you to develop the content using the same software to create the fax document, while still realising the benefits of the .doc and .docx file formats.

Due to the comparatively better image and positioning handling, the new file formats will mean that fax broadcast previews maintain a higher fidelity when compared to the original document. This reduces the amount of time when viewing previews or re-adjusting the documents to look “just right”. In testing we noted a much higher first time preview fidelity over .rtf. This means when you upload your broadcast document and preview it, it should remain closer to the document you created with no additional editing.

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