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TV commercial and Letterbox Deals

TV commercial and Letterbox Deals

Have you seen our TV commercial?

We recently did a cross-promotion with Letterbox Deals which focuses on our internet fax service and offers our complimentary 1 month free trial.

This campaign was launched to inform more people about our internet fax service and with Letterbox Deals Business Edition being delivered to 750,000 businesses Australia wide we believe it did just that.

Some may have also caught our associated TV commercial which focuses on the main advantages of the UTBox service. Those already using the service will likely be able to identify many more benefits which simply could not be mentioned in the 25 second or so time frame.

The product features we focused on:

  • Get a dedicated number for your faxes
  • Easy as sending or receiving an email
  • Delivered to your inbox, choose what you print
  • Quick and more reliable than a fax machine
  • Includes free setup and local support

For those who missed the TV commercial can also view it directly on YouTube.

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