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Adding new SMS route for high availability

UTBox has signed an agreement with one of the world’s largest SMS routing carriers to use their network for the delivery of SMS messages sent through the UTBox SMS gateway.

This will add further redundancy and increased reliability to UTBox’s market-leading email to SMS or SMS to email services. The telecommunications carrier is a leading mobile data solutions provider, delivering applications, services, sms API’s and SMS text-messaging gateway connectivity to customers in over 180 countries. They are a recognised player in SMS related technologies and business and consumer grade SMS text messaging solutions.

Having been a carrier and delivering SMS mobile messaging services since 2000 and having office locations across three continents their worldwide coverage of 712 mobile phone networks in over 200 countries allow them to provide services and delivery options that other companies are unable to provide. This allows for any business to connect with suppliers, customers, or employees through SMS text messaging, anywhere and on nearly any mobile device. Additionally, their multi-modal mobile messaging ensures clients of confirmed delivery of SMS text messages which allows us to be more responsive in times of any delivery issues. The wholesale division of our supplier specialises in large-volume messaging at wholesale costs to specific destinations.

The SMSC infrastructure of our provider is made possible through direct SS7 connectivity to local SMSCs which ensures as much care is taken in the delivery of the message.

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