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UTBox powers SMS notifications for leading VOIP services provider

A large australian VOIP services provider required a method to manage the growing number of customers that were late on their invoices.

More Efficient

The provider identified the individual spend level of the majority of these clients meant that they needed an automated approach to following up on late debtors. They were already emailing reminders to their customers however wanted to try improve the speed at which payments were made and deliver reminders in a more personal manner.

More Personalised

They found that when they had an email only strategy that often no payment was not due to a particular client not wanting to pay an invoice but rather the email was lost in a spam filter or the client had updated their email contact but failed to update their email contact on the companies database.

More Receptiveness

They decided to implement a combined communication strategy of email and SMS, in line with other procedures already in part of their strategy to maximize the percentage of accounts that were paid in a more timely manner. The company found that the SMS was very effective in helping to reign in the amount of overdue invoices. By having two points of contact late payment due to lack of contact dropped dramatically. It was also noticed that people changed their mobile number much less frequently then they changed their email address.

More Effectiveness

To increase the effectiveness of your SMS communications UTBox advises our customers to place a call to action in their messages. In this case the company gave instructions to make immediate payments using an automated 1300 number. This form of action is convenient and easy as the phone is already in the hand of the customer.

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