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New Australian SMS route for UTBox SMS

UTBox has signed an agreement with an Australian based SMS services provider which will provide UTBox customers with virtual mobile phone reply numbers and SMS delivery routes.

This will allow UTBox customers to both send SMS and receive acknowledgement SMS text messages back to their email account. This new agreement will allow UTBox to provide its customers with a reliable SMS to email and email to SMS service and will enable UTBox to offer its customers even better pricing on both domestic and international SMS text messaging.

The new service provider was founded in Australia in 2002 and has an established history of creating purpose built ICT (Information and Communications Technology) applications using SMS (short message service/text messaging) as their key communications standard. They have won several national and international awards for their software and communications systems and provide SMS coverage to over 150 countries.

They currently have business operations in 9 countries, providing a range of business focused applications into a wide-range of overseas markets. Additionally, they are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, a Computer Associates Channel Partner, and an IBM Advanced Level Partner. Their global SMS text messaging gateway is able to connect companies to mobile phones in over 150 countries across 500 networks, utilising a worldwide network of over 50 operators.

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