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Construction management solution companies mobile workforce

A national provider of construction management solutions and general contracting services uses UTBox to enable its mobile workforce to be able to quickly and easily send and receive their fax documents regardless of the staff member’s location.

The specifics

Previously, the company had used a traditional fax service, which proved costly and inconvenient. Often, highly important faxes would go unattended to while the recipient was away from the office or would require the secretary to scan the faxed document into their computer and then email it through to the intended recipient while they were on the road. To receive faxes at remote locations clients would often fax them directly, incurring long distance costs and having to know which number to dial based on location.

Multiple locations

Using the UTBox internet fax service also allowed the client to provision fax numbers in multiple locations. This enables their mobile work force to appear local in the view of their clients, while having the ability to be located anywhere around the world. UTBox customers can have multiple fax numbers being directed to the same email address so they appear to be locally based, despite servicing different locations around Australia.

Apart from the convenience aspect a fax to email and email to fax solution offered, there were several other key motivating factors for switching to UTBox.

Increased productivity

Enhanced productivity was also gained from faxes no longer being misplaced, being lost, or accidentally thrown away. With the UTBox Fax to Email and Email to Fax service, faxes are stored for 30 days online, so even if you accidentally delete your email, your fax will still be available.


As with many small businesses, price was a key element in the client’s decision to switch to using the UTBox virtual fax service. The client was previously paying more to have one dedicated fax line with their traditional fax service than they do now to have six lines using UTBox. There are no contracts to be signed, simply pay as you go, and there are no credit card details required either.

With the UTBox internet fax solution, worrying about the fax machine and employees receiving their fax documents, no longer became necessary. Employees were able to focus greater attention on the main responsibilities of their job and therefore become more productive.

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