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UTBox delivers free entry to CeBIT for the organisers

UTBox is pleased to announce, as part of a being an official media partner, to deliver all fax related communications for CeBIT Australia 2008.

CeBIT is the world’s largest and longest running IT expo and CeBIT Australia is the number 1 ICT exhibition for business. The organisers have traditionally used fax as an appropriate medium due to the demographic of IT professionals, management, decision influencers, makers and consultants it reaches in the business sector.

The requirement to deliver the faxes in the lead up to the exhibition extended only to the provision of telecommunications services. The campaign sent out customer voucher codes which allowed recipients to gain entry to the CeBIT expo for free by presenting the discount code when entering. Fax was an integral part of of the efforts to advertise and inform their previous attendees and interested parties that registration was required for free entry and allowed for easy sign up either by faxing back or visiting the CeBIT website.

The simplicity of the UTBox Member Centre meant the organisers of CeBIT were able to queue their fax communications after initial design and approval which was often done in response to changing business conditions and required a fax provider that was able to take jobs in real time and administer as a self-service. The preview feature of the broadcast system and online quotation ensured the content being sent was exactly as intended and any

Specific customer data was managed directly through industry-standard secure connection and uploaded using .csv format ensuring privacy and proper handling of data as it never left the hands of the customer. Once on the UTBox Member Centre it was within the secure and purpose built server cluster and was used only for dialing and delivering the content itself.

CeBIT Australia 2008 was a tremendous success, drawing more than 35,000 visitors to inspect displays from some 753 Australian and international exhibitors – we look forward to working with the CeBIT exhibition in future.

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