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“Powered by UTBox” fax to email integration

A large provider of infrastructure assets management services required a fax solution to be able to deliver fax invoices to their clients at the point of delivery.

This solution would securely and reliably deliver faxes in a fire and forget manner which wouldn’t tie up their staff in paperwork. Already having in place an existing 3g PDA enabled workforce they turned to their integration specialists to build on the existing platform.

“We trialled UTBox and it worked so we then went away to code the application. UTBox Support was great we did some initial tests and had it all working”

UTBox works with companies who have existing supported and developed platforms – we also work with companies that support and develop these applications.

Integrating their PDAs to UTBox Internet Fax they are able now able to send their itemised invoices on the spot to the customers fax machine.

This meant instead of having customers wait to receive faxed paperwork and having internal staff then required to do the paper work for the days requests they were able to do this all on the spot. Customers could ask to have it sent to them and minutes later it would be received on their fax machines seemingly directly from the PDA.

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