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Fax and SMS marketing at ADMA Forum 2009

UTBox was out in force at the ADMA Forum 2009 Conference & Exhibition. We were showcasing what a top telecommunications provider offering marketing specific services and products for fax and SMS in Australia can do.

ADMA Forum

The ADMA Forum is the largest direct marketing exhibition in Australia and New Zealand, with over 2,000 exhibition visitors attending the ADMA Forum in 2008. The ADMA Forum is aimed at the marketing industry as a whole, client-side and agency-side and serves as a platform for those in the industry to keep up-to-speed in a competitive global environment by providing a conference, exhibition and a range of keynote speakers.

Interest and activity

The UTBox stand was inundated with attendees, delegates and other exhibitors asking specifics about fax marketing and the provision of telecommunications services to marketing companies. As UTBox currently provides wholesale services to the marketing industry as well as enterprise and government, we were able to share some of our experience regarding fax and SMS broadcasting, Internet fax, fax marketing and fax blasts. We were surprised at the number of companies who already utilise fax broadcasting and marketing capabilities asking us for quotes – obviously we made a great impression!

SMS continues to climb

Another hot topic was SMS, which as a trend continues to rise in adoption and use. Earlier in the year, independent UK telecommunications research company, Portio Research predicted SMS will remain a hot technology due to its wide compatibility and world-wide reach.

In specific application to sms marketing, other bodies such as the Internet Advertising Bureau reported the SMS channel as offering more than other platforms by being able to target specific consumer groups whil

e keeping the communiqué more personal. The ease of tracking, ability to combine with other channels and growing acceptance are cited by Juniper Research when predicting advertising spend will continue to increase in 2009. In this climate UTBox is expanding its SMS offerings to provide a viable SMS-web interface sending platform by the end of 2009 which will allow customers to send from the web as well as SMS to Email.


As always we found the ADMA Forum to be a great platform to stay in touch with many of our customers and the ADMA team was warm and inviting. We look forward to forming new partnerships with those we met at the conference and will work for continued success with our partners and clients. If you have any specific questions or would like further information please make contact by visiting our contact page.

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