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New features for enterprise fax and fax broadcast clients

You might have noticed that we’ve begun implementing some changes to the UTBox Member Centre over the last few weeks. This kicks off a renewed development drive for our internet fax and SMS services.

It’s particularly important for us here as it marks a milestone by being the first major software upgrade which sits across our recently deployed 3rd generation hardware infrastructure.

Efficient broadcast list uploads.

We know most of our clients are busy running a business so we don’t want them waiting around while they upload broadcast fax lists. Instead we have modified the fax broadcast list upload so the system splits the process into uploading and processing.

All you have to do is upload your list and the fax broadcast system will email you once the file has been processed and is ready to use. If you’re a little worried that the upload won’t succeed unless you’re keeping a stern eye on it, don’t be!

The UTBox system will send you a notification if there’s a glitch. You can use the time you’ve currently been spending overlooking the upload to take care of your clients. Simple.

High capacity internet fax tweaks

We are continuing to increase our overall capacity and the ability of the system to handle larger volumes of data.

This will directly benefit our enterprise and broadcasting clients who automate their faxes of invoices, purchase orders or marketing material. We have done so by a number of incremental improvements such as batching, specific hardware upgrades, software changes designed to increase robustness under load and removing previously identified bottlenecks.

Essentially we’ve increased the capacity of their system to be able to handle humongous amounts of data, so the overall efficiency and speed is increased. It also gives you the confidence of on-demand scalability. Don’t spend time planning, simply send the material you need, to the amount of clients you need to.

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