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Importance of Online Fax for Small Business

Fax is an important tool commonly used in the business world. It has been in existence for years sending company correspondence, office memos and any important document one can think of. Back then, the use of the fax machine easily overtook the use of snail mail. Today, however, many businesses adopted the modern technology. Snail mail is now called email while fax machines have become online fax.

Many businesses nowadays have adopted to the modern technology and have switched to online fax. Aside from the fact that communication has become fast with modern technology, online fax saves you time and money. Unlike traditional fax, online faxes are sent and received through your email, making it more secure and more private.

Secured Encryption

Incoming faxes are stored in an online server. Only the recipient will receive an email notification once fax is received. When the emailed link is clicked, it opens a secured SSL connection for retrieval and the document is then displayed in a browser which the recipient can only see. Because online faxes are encrypted, they will never be blocked or spammed compared to ordinary email messages.

Less Costly and More Organized

Compared to maintaining bulky fax machines on top of paper and ink costs, online faxing does not need any sort of maintenance or paper use. You can automatically send and receive faxes through your pc, tablet or even your smartphone. Say goodbye to faxes stacking up and occupying space in your office table.

More Privacy

Isn’t it a hassle to stand beside a fax machine and wait for that important fax just to make sure nobody gets it? With internet fax, incoming faxes are sent directly to your inbox. You do not have to worry of prying eyes looking into confidential faxes.

Bulk Faxing Made Easy

Traditional faxes often get papers jammed when sending multiple documents. Online faxing lets you send as many documents as possible. You can also send faxes to multiple recipients also know as bulk faxing.

Accessibility and portability

A traditional fax machine becomes your office best friend because you are always tied to it. With online fax, there is no need for you to stay in the office just because you are waiting for an important fax. Nothing is more convenient than having an online fax right at the palm of your hand.

No Software Needed

Online fax is cloud-based so there is no need to download any software for it. All faxes will be sent directly to your email address and you can access them anywhere with an internet connection.

No Busy Signals

Do you get frustrated when you hear a busy signal or when people tell you your phone line is busy? Fax to email lets you send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously without the busy signal.

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