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Security in Internet Fax

Is internet fax really secured? That is the question many asks about internet fax.

When it comes to faxing, every healthcare professionals, legal offices, financial institutions and even small companies and homeowners place security and privacy on top of the list. Although many are hesitant to try out online faxing, there are a lot of reasons why it is safer than the old-fashioned fax machine.

Compared to traditional fax, documents being sent or received will go directly to your email. It is not printed out in a machine compared to traditional fax. In the case of internet fax, all data are encrypted and uploaded to a secured fax server.

Incoming faxes are stored on an online server and an email notification with the link is sent to the recipient’s email address. When the link is clicked, it opens a secured SSL connection for retrieval and the document is then displayed in a browser which the recipient can only see. You do not have to worry about anyone looking at important documents being printed out from the fax machine.

In 2012, the US Federal Trade Commission conducted their first ever Privacy Impact Assessment of online faxing services that allowed them to communicate more clearly with the public about how we handle information, including how we address privacy concerns and safeguard information and according to their report, faxing through an online fax service is more secure than the traditional fax machine and email communication.

Peace of mind would be the best description when it comes to online faxing security. It may not be perfect but it is better compared to traditional fax.

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