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Small web design company benefits as a low volume user

A small web design company had a common requirement: they worked from client sites, home, virtual offices and had to move their location often due to client needs and differing working circumstances. On occasion they required to receive faxes from sketches of locations. They also needed to share that access to send and receive with the same fax number.

After signing up for a free trial they were ready to send and receive faxes. After sending themselves a fax and using it as normal over a period of a week they made a prepayment by credit card.

Using the UTBox Internet Fax service they are able to check the same email account which receives all their faxes. If they do not have access to their normal email Inbox they can log in securely using the UTBox Member Centre.

Delivered in TIFF

They were able to receive storyboards and sketches taken from locations by fax from designers on a single UTBox Internet Fax number being forwarded to their email address. They chose to use the TIFF format which allowed for easier editing and modification of the file.

Not tied to location

Because the fax number is not tied into a copper line they saved re-location costs when moving their home office twice. With their low usage they found the cost of having the capability of being able to send and receive faxes for a year was less than the cost of a phone line for 2 months.

Low volume faxing

If you have low volume usage needs we recommend prepaying for $59.95 credit which lasts for 12 months and as a low volume user includes your usage. Also consider offsetting your faxes by enabling the Offset Option.

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