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Data centre temperature tools powered by UTBox

Temperature monitoring tool vendor Equals Greater Than is an Australian company distributing server environment temperature products designed to assist the monitoring of sensitive installations and assets, most commonly monitoring server rooms and data centres. They also have customers that use their products in other temperature-sensitive environments such as refrigerators, factories, industrial cool-rooms, and even staffed call centres.

Made up of a high-sensitivity temperature probe and a “brain” module containing a miniature web-server, the system has the ability to read the temperature, and then trigger events based on whether the current temperature is outside of limits that the customer has set. Once the unit picks up that a “temperature event” has occurred, the Ethernet thermometers can alert the user, and display or trigger notifications in a variety of standard methods such as web, xml, wap, http get, snmp and email.

SMS alerts

Because the UTBox email to SMS gateway operates in a standard fashion and is available for use by any of our customers with access to an outgoing mail server they’re able to authenticate with, this allows the Equals Greater Than Ethernet temperature monitor alerts can be communicated via SMS and simply set up in the tool as an email alert.

Whether someone has left a walk-in freezer door open, or a server room is overheating, the customer can now act to raise the alarm, and to get the problem dealt with, before the situation gets any worse. Without this email to SMS service from UTBox, our customers would not be able to comfortably keep their facilities running 24-7 or be alerted in case of an emergency.

Just add email-address

This simple addition involved adding the person’s mobile and this allows the email notification to be sent via SMS. This increases the product communicative capability which adds to it’s already formidable and full featured feature set. It is also a good example of focusing on core products while not having to maintain any sort of infrastructure for SMS. This includes not needing any specific coding or software changes, the email address field is already there. This highlights a constant strength of our Email to SMS service as it can be used in so many pre-existing software applications.

Anyone who’d like to integrate an existing application need only to get their application to send an email to the or All the application needs is to be able to authenticate to an outgoing mail server.

Let’s be friends

As an added benefit for their clients, Equals Greater Than took advantage of the UTBox refer-a-friend offer. This allows users to receive $5 credit (with 1 month expiry) if they sign up to our service while the referring friend also receives the same. While intended for friends and colleagues referring others to a service that helps them in this case Equals Greater Than decided to use this to allow their customers to receive the extra $5 credit by providing their refer-a-friend serial number on their web page. We are happy to support these sorts of initiatives and are pleased and thankful for the support. We commend our customers and partners on their ingenuity of using our services and in this case this ingenuity has extended to our refer-a-friend offer as well.

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