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UTBox Internet Fax streamlining fax for specialist regional companies

We are exposed to many success stories as a specialist organisation providing a specialised service. When we hear of popular themes we like to document that and show a glimpse of some of the advantages UTBox customers are gaining.

Many professionals report the ability to access their faxes while overseas helpful in gaining new business and maintaining communications with existing clients.

Local fax number

A common example is an organisation with their main offices in a capital city of Australia. With an active UTBox account they are able to receive faxes on a number within that capital city. This is then received by the UTBox Internet Fax core services servers which route it to the UTBox Email to Fax gateway where it is generated into an industry standard PDF or TIFF file and emailed to the recipients chosen email address(es).

Access on the road

Since email is synonymous with the modern business road warrior this allows anyone with access to their registered email address to receive their faxes as email attachment, typically less than a minute after the transmission has ended. The added benefit for customers is that they are dialing on a local capital city number, while key staff are able to maintain receipt of these overseas. In many times it is useful to eliminate costs and dependencies of faxing overseas for situations where fax is still used.


If email is not available users are also are able to check their faxes they’ve received on the internet fax service by logging into the UTBox Member Centre. All faxes continue to be sent by email however the ability to use a secure connection gives an extra security when checking faxes from overseas offices or remote connections.

This situation seems common from the feedback of many specialist multinational organisations ranging from resources, finance, construction to human resources. We recommend users on trial accounts contact support prior to logging into the UTBox Member Centre if they wish to use this service.

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