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Faxed invoices from MYOB and other accounting packages

One of the most popular applications of the UTBox email to fax system is for sending out accounting notifications such as invoices, remittance advice and purchase orders via email to fax.

Integration is easy as most accounting systems these days have the ability to generate emails to clients automatically. You don’t need any expensive software modules or developers to enable your accounting package to send faxes.

It is simply a matter of specifying the “” as the email contact for your client in your accounting package such as MYOB and registering a UTBox account and invoices and remittance advice will start sending from your accounting system via UTBox to the fax machine of your client. We generally find that the trend in companies who want to receive invoices, remittance advice and purchase orders via fax is declining however it is still there. This lends further justification to using a system like UTBox because you can have the capability to automatically send your accounting notifications to those who want it without the need to invest in costly infrastructure.

Sending purchase orders, invoices and remittance advice often is still manually done by accounts staff. With UTBox you can easily implement automated functions for sending this type of information from a software application directly to a fax number; rather than what is often the case in a lot of companies where the system does all the work of building the form only to print it out and leave the last step to be a tedious manual job for a staff member. There is also the flip side of receiving accounting notifications.

We have found that accounts staff love to be able to receive fax directly into their email because it means less lost paper work as it is stored directly onto the computer and more efficient work-flows as staff receive the relevant documentation themselves directly to their email rather then having to go to a machine to collect their document or have it delivered by another staff member.

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