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UTBox SMS by Email being used by taxi and courier companies

Notification is often most effective by SMS

A number of companies in Australia are using the UTBox SMS messaging system to notify their clients of an update to a particular event.

One of the most common applications is taxi and courier operators using the UTBox system to notify people who are waiting for a taxi. Rather then ring the client up at mobile phone rates the operators found that sending a notification via SMS was cheaper and also meant the operators could focus on logging new jobs rather then chasing up old ones.

The SMS notifications were set to be triggered automatically when the taxi arrived within 1KM of the location; Often the clients mobile number was already captured when they made the call which meant from start to finish the whole process could be automated in most situations. The clients often commented that they appreciated the SMS reminder but from the TAXI companies point of view the taxi drivers themselves liked it more; they found their was less waiting for clients who often didn’t want to wait outside for the TAXI and would end up delaying the TAXI driver because he had no effective way of letting the client know he was waiting; a win win situation.

This scenario is common and can be extended to a number of other situations. UTBox clients are using SMS notifications to update staff and clients of time sensitive changes all the time. Whether it is your doctor letting you know that your appointment is delayed or your electricity company notifying you of a bill. SMS is often the most effective way to automate communication.

If you require SMS notifications or would like to find out more please contact us.

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