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Email to SMS and SMS Marketing Event Promotions

A growing market for SMS is the nightclub and nightlife scene as UTBox sees increased utilisation by promotions companies wishing to remind their patrons of upcoming events.


Typically for membership the patron will usually exchange their phone number or email address for further updates. With many night club and event goers on the move with a mobile on the go lifestyle it results in promotions staff being able to broadcast event reminders and information to literally thousands of patrons in minutes in the lead up to the event.

Some companies take it even further by tying in their promotions with membership rewards such as a particular drink special or a special code for admission discounts or other sweeteners. This encourages socialisation of the promotion virally when forwarded to friends and discussed especially if a code is required.


For a few hundred bucks and an easy to use system that doesn’t take a computer genius to figure out I get thousands more across the bar, It’s definitely worked for us.

Prior to not using SMS notifications promoters were unable to really let people know, they found online methods were not personalised enough and were commonly ignored or filtered out, even as the patron had asked to receive it. Using the UTBox email to SMS service allowed these promoters to use their email client, managing their distribution lists on existing address books.

We definitely noticed that when we sent the message out people would often pick up the message and distribute it to their friends by sending sms messages themselves and by posting it on facebook.

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