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Teaching Internet Fax

When a company adopts to new technology, there are some employees who are skeptical in adopting the latest trend in business. One perfect example is the use of internet fax….read more

Internet Fax Tasmania Now Available

UTBox releases dedicated internet fax numbers in Hobart and Devonport, it’s first Tasmanian internet fax numbers. With Internet fax in Tasmania, UTBox lets you send and receive faxes to and…read more

Fax to Email popular in Australia

Many companies in Australia have ditched their traditional fax machines and switched to internet fax services. It is fast becoming a trend because of the great benefits that comes with…read more

NBN and Internet Faxing

The internet has become a crucial part of our lives. We can’t seem to live without it. Wherever we go, we always want to “get connected”. Everyone wants fast internet…read more

Internet fax still a long way in Japan

Traditional fax machines are rapidly depleting because of the booming internet fax industry. Well, almost. As the internet technology overpowers the use of traditional fax machine, Japan still embraces it…read more

UTBox Member Centre facelift

The UTBox Member Centre was given a facelift aimed to make it even easier to use. Navigational Menu Layout The main change is the move of the secondary left hand…read more

Fax Local Number Porting

Local Number Portability (LNP) now available Local number portability for fax numbers is now available through UTBox. Local number portability allows you to port over your existing fax line service…read more

Member Centre location settings

We have added timezone and internationalisation support to the UTBox Member Centre. This means that scheduling broadcasts and viewing My Messages will reflect your local timezone. By default all items…read more

TV commercial and Letterbox Deals

TV commercial and Letterbox Deals Have you seen our TV commercial? We recently did a cross-promotion with Letterbox Deals which focuses on our internet fax service and offers our complimentary…read more

UTBox and CeBIT Australia 2011

UTBox is pleased to announce working with the team at Hannover Fairs as a media partner for the CeBIT 2011 Business IT conference. CeBIT is the leading business event in…read more