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Florist network delivers flowers with the aid of UTBox

This highly known brand represent a network of florists and receives orders for flowers and associated products from customers by phone, email and their website. They then distribute these to their network of florists for fulfilling the actual order and delivering it to their customers.


Prior to using UTBox, the business relied on an internal system. There were a number of reliability and cost related issues which initially led them to identifying UTBox as a better solution for their fax requirements. Using UTBox enabled the company to stop worrying about keeping a system running internally as well as giving them the ability to scale their fax capacity seamlessly as their business grew. They realised specific and further savings by receiving access to cheaper call rates than they received directly from their local carrier.

Focus on strengths

It was an obvious decision. We sell flowers; we don’t run fax gateways. There is simply no argument to support focusing any of our resources on building and managing a fax gateway. In the past we did it ourselves to try save money however with the rates on offer through UTBox their simply is no better alternative.” – Florist network, Managing Director

UTBox for core services

Often a company underestimates the cost of running an internal system, or perhaps it has an existing one that is no longer serving its purpose. Many companies do not realise the specific costs in maintaining some sort of fax service in-house. Not only are there the carrier costs when sending a fax but there are often non-obvious costs involved in maintaining a system. These include things such as internal staff costs, which can not only be high but often with something as niche as a fax gateway it is not typically within the internal staffs expertise which can lead to expensive contractors when things go wrong.


At UTBox, there is a team dedicated to keeping the system running who are experts when it comes to fax gateways. The florist found that the up time with UTBox was significantly higher then the internal solution they used previously and was a major reason for them choosing UTBox as reliability was of utmost importance.

“We know fax inside and out and have developed a highly available system that delivers great reliability. By bringing together the technologies of virtualisation, clustered design and automated fail overs we deliver a technically superior solution then what is possible to create internally because the reality is we are spending the money because we are supplying thousands of businesses this specific niche product.” – Rhett Jones, UTBox Managing Director.

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