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Fax broadcasting estimation for each job

Our fax broadcasting system is easy to use and no fuss; it allows businesses to place information in front of another business very easily. We are continuing to actively develop and upgrade the system in ways that we think will make things better for your business. In this case by providing more information to allow you to make decisions more effectively.

Broadcast estimate graph

We’ve introduced a fax broadcasting feature that allows you to see the estimated delivery time and projected speed of your proposed broadcast – just to make sure your requirements are adhered to before you commit to sending. This information is shown in the form of a graph and also allows you to see other currently scheduled traffic in aggregate so that you’re able to make better decisions  based on your fax broadcasting requirements.

The UTBox system already provides estimates of delivery send time and the time till completion. With the addition of this new feature the system will automatically check the broadcast job specifics to determine if a detailed estimate is required. If it is a graph based estimate will be shown prior to the actual sending of the broadcast. This allows you to review the information prior to starting or scheduling a broadcast. If displayed the graph will show:

  1. when your broadcast is going to start
  2. the minimum estimated rate of delivery
  3. when it is likely to complete
  4. other fax traffic utilising the UTBox network

The graph is only displayed when required, so if it does not appear there is no need to worry and your estimates are still given in text and your broadcast does not require specific scheduling rules in order to complete in a timely fashion. If it is displayed you will now be able to schedule your broadcast with the ability to view other fax traffic utilising the UTBox network using the best time and speed for your requirement.

What’s the best thing about the graph? It only shows estimated minimum speed and maximum delivery time, so if conditions change the system will dynamically make use of the new capacity for your broadcasts.

If you have any questions in regards to this new feature, or any other enquiries please contact us.

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