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No more disclaimers and re-try control

Often the best and brightest innovative ideas come from looking for a better and faster way to do things. Whilst putting these ideas into place isn’t easy, as it takes time, diligent application logic and a good sense for how things ought to work, we’ve put in two new exciting features which we think will make life a lot easier for our customers.

No more disclaimers!

UTBox has added a feature that allows users to set whether or not they want to have the email body included in their outgoing fax.

Our email to fax service works by converting faxes received and sent between the real phone network (PSTN) and a user’s email inbox. To send out, we take what is in the email body and any attachments and convert them into a fax so we can deliver it to a fax machine. Most of our customers find it useful to be able to write within the email body and have it appear on their outgoing fax as part of the message.

Unfortunately we’ve found some users are not able to control what appears in their emails – enterprise fax users specifically might have a legal disclaimer, while small and home office users may have an advertisement or other text in the email body which they do not want to appear on their fax.

We hope this provides users with more control in managing their outgoing faxes. This setting is available in the UTBox Member Centre on the Preferences page of the fax number.

Fax re-try control

In addition to the option to not include the email body in your fax, we’ve also added a feature that allows users to set the number of automatic fax re-tries for their outgoing faxes.

Normally when you send a fax using the UTBox Internet Fax service it is usually sent within a matter of minutes. However on the occasions where the receiving number is busy, unavailable or does not connect successfully, we will automatically re-try to send your fax a further 2 times. If the second attempt fails the system waits a further 15 minutes and tries for one final time before emailing you that the fax number has failed. This approach is standard for UTBox and although the safest, can take up to 45 minutes to produce a failure.

In order to improve transparency you are now able to change these settings to reduce the time between re-tries or specify that only 1 total attempt should be made. This allows for two scenarios which were previously not available; the first is the ability to continue to enjoy 2 re-tries on top of the first attempt but reduce the time between tries to less than 15 minutes. The second is the ability to remove re-tries altogether and be notified of a failure shortly after the fax is sent.

This feature provides those users that need finer grained controls the ability to have more transparency and the ability to set the rules to suit their situation. These settings are now available and located in the UTBox Member Centre Preferences for your fax number.

If you require assistance or more information of either of these changes please contact us.

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