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New fax broadcasting reports

We’re working hard to keep updates rolling on out. We’re dedicated to serve our customers with the best possible internet fax and SMS services. We know that you’ve got important clients and we know you need to maximise efficiency in any direct marketing you do, whether that’s internet fax, fax broadcasting or email to SMS. In that light we’ve made available 2 more features:

Broadcasting reports

Forget broadcasting reports that present a mess of successful and failed connections in one big jumble of data. We’ve listened so you no longer need to spend time sifting through, filtering and manipulating results just to see a breakdown of your broadcast results.

UTBox’s new, user-friendly addition allows you the option of downloading which ever report suits your purposes, whether that’s success only, failure only or a combined report of the two. This means you can avoid the hassle of editing your own reports and allows an ease in maintaining and improving your client database. It even includes the original merge fields to make it even easier to re-upload the list.

Broadcast completion notification

You don’t have time to waste watching over your broadcast list so UTBox will notify you when it finishes.

Not only that, but your successful/failed/combined CSV broadcast reports will be attached to your notification so you can click through to see the results of your send right away without logging in to the UTBox Member Centre. If you don’t have any failures you won’t receive a failure report either, so what you get is already filtered to be relevant.

If you’d like to learn more about reporting or broadcast notifications please get in touch with your UTBox contact or contact us here.

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