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Reseller codes and auto resizing to A4

We’ve made some more changes that will allow us to service our customers more efficiently, reliably and re-affirm our leadership in the field of internet fax services, fax to email and fax broadcasting.

Auto resizing to A4 PDF fax files

UTBox understands that on occasion automated systems or user scans are sometimes bigger than an A4 page. Standard fax transmissions are not able to be larger than A4 in most cases as that would be bigger than the paper on the receiving end. That’s why we’ve modified our fax system to automatically resize your PDF files back to A4 should they be larger.

We still recommend sending in the correct size however on the odd occasion that’s not possible it will mean you can attach whatever you need to and the system will resize it for. No more lost opportunities and everything you want to convey to your client gets through.

Don’t lose any material in formatting and don’t spend time on graphics manipulation. UTBox does the work for you so you can focus on your business.

Reseller dealer-code

If you’re a reseller you’ll be pleased to know you’re now able to send customers over to the UTBox website to sign up using your reseller code and cut your processing time. With the direct referral links your users can quickly and easily sign-up through our website, linked directly to your reseller account as if you had signed the users up themselves.

Your company has the pleasure of a more fluid administration system of web-referred sign-ups and the capacity to increase commission figures for user conversions.

If you’d like to learn more about your reseller codes please get in touch with your UTBox contact.

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