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Nagios system monitoring SMS notifications powered by UTBox

Many case studies are success stories we hear of from our customers. Some have even integrated our service to specific applications where they have found the use and we would like to highlight one that came to our attention.


…(IPA: /ˈnɑːɡioʊs/) is a popular open source computer system and network monitoring application software. It watches hosts and services, alerting users when things go wrong and again when they get better.” – Wikipedia

Need to know

A global financial capital company was deploying Nagios for the task of monitoring system and networking services and managing alerts. With the specific work required to monitor their services in place and the value of those services they also knew monitoring is only as good as who knows about the results and to easily integrate their application they chose the UTBox Email to SMS service.

Small change

Rather then receiving Nagios notifications via email they were able to send critical notifications directly to engineers handsets via SMS. It was an easy alteration to the Nagios script to add a few lines of code to trigger an additional email to the “mobile” to make use of the UTBox Email to SMS gateway.

Direct to the handset

Typically SMS notifications are often noticed more quickly then email notifications as many users find that they are inundated with email and for critical notifications while SMS is often more effective at bringing a persons attention to the fault. Another benefit is a number of people still operate with handsets that are not email enabled so when an engineer is on the move he can still receive critical notifications when out of the office.

Nagios is a specific network monitoring tool however UTBox can enable a wide variety of system monitoring applications because we are able to process Email to SMS.

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