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How to Use the Email to SMS Service

You can sign-up and start using UTBox to send SMS messages from your PC immediately. UTBox provides you with a 30-day free trial period and starts you off with $5 of credit at no cost. There are no credit cards, no payments no obligations and no downloads required.

Using UTBox SMS in 3 steps

  1. Write your message as you would an email. An SMS can handle up to 160 characters. If you need more UTBox will break your message up into up to 9 messages with 160 characters in each.
  2. In the address field, enter the “mobile phone number”
  3. Hit the send button.

The sent SMS will be included in your Inbox sent items as a normal email for you to file as appropriate.

Using UTBox to receive SMS messages

  1. Sign-up to UTBox.
  2. There is an automatic reply path with sent SMS messages so those receiving the SMS message can respond directly to you. Alternatively you “fake” the originating number to be your own mobile number and then receive replies to your mobile phone handset.
  3. You do nothing to receive the SMS. It will arrive in your email inbox.

Please read our privacy statement to ensure the SMS you send and receive are private and will remain private.

Once you have started to use the UTBox SMS service you will realise what an important part of your life it becomes. Enabling you to stay in touch on your terms by email.

Ready to start using the UTBox SMS service? Just click on the button below to start your free trial.