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In considering email to SMS providers and alternate solutions, the key advantages of sending, receiving and managing your sms messaging via an email account are:

  1. Try before you buy: Sign-up with UTBox and get 30 days and a $5 credit for free. No credit card is required to activate your account, no obligation, no downloads, no waiting. You can start immediately.
  2. Cost: SMS costs are cheaper than sending text messages from a mobile phone on a standard plan.
  3. Centralising your Communications: Email to SMS gives you with the opportunity to centralise and manage all your communications to your email address. UTBox also provides other Internet messaging services.
  4. Avoiding thumb strain: Type your SMS messages on a computer keyboard. You can send up to 1,440 characters in an email to sms message. Express yourself in full.
  5. Easy-to-use: If you can send and receive emails, you can send and receive internet SMS messages using your email account. It really is that simple.

Our sms solution provides leading functionality, features, pricing and international reach. We provide you, the user with a simple but effective, easy-to-manage sms from your email solution. In addition, once you have signed up, you can access the available fax services at the same time, with no further sign ups or payments required.

Ready to start using the UTBox services? Just click on the button below to start your 30-day free trial!